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Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

Dogs are highly intelligent, intuitive and fun-loving animals, and this means that there is a wide-range of activities that they can participate in and enjoy.

Dogs and Short Term Memory

As animal lovers we spend a large amount of time with our beloved pets. We give them affection, play with them, teach them, enjoy watching them learn new skills and form a lifelong bond with them. This is particularly true for dog owners.

Can Pets Have Allergies

You might be surprised to know that it isn’t only humans that can suffer from allergies. Your beloved pet could be a victim of allergies too, and in many cases, what starts as seasonal allergies can sometimes turn into year-round suffering.

A clean aquarium doesn’t only look great, but it also helps to preserve the health and happiness of your fish. This is because over time, nitrates and metabolites can build up, which can affect the appearance of your tank and the wellbeing of your pets.

Car Safety for Pets

When travelling by car it is second nature to ensure that your child is correctly seated and restrained for a safe journey. The same practise should apply to travelling with your family pet.

Cats and Catnip

You have probably heard the term 'catnip' to describe a short-lived high, compelling behavior or just a completely insane moment in life. The term derives from a herb called Catnip that causes many kitties to go absolutely crazy.

Camping with your Dog

Camping is a favorite pastime of many families and is the ideal type of vacation for your beloved dog thanks to the promise of fresh air, sunshine and endless outdoor space to roam and explore.

What You Need to Know About the Birth of Kittens

If you have found out that your cat is pregnant, then the next step is finding out what you need to do to prepare for the arrival of kittens.

Massage Therapy for Pets

Massage therapy is a hands-on approach to naturally maintaining and improving physical and emotional health.  Rooted in thousands of years of history, it is now being applied to animals as well as humans.

Administering Medication

If your pet is unwell it is vitally important that he receives the medication that he needs. Unfortunately this is sometimes easier said than done and not all pets are conducive to being medicated!

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