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Where Tail Wags Meet Top-notch Veterinary Expertise. Your pets deserve the best – entrust their health to the compassionate professionals at Country Veterinary Clinic, where excellence meets genuine love for animals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

About Country VEt CLINIC

our core philosophy is deeply rooted in delivering exceptional medical, surgical, and dental care to each of your pets.

We blend high-quality veterinary care with a warm, compassionate approach, treating every client and their pets as part of our family.

Is Our Clinic the Right Choice for Your Pet?

we believe in mutual respect and understanding between our team and pet owners. We value clients who are committed, provide constructive feedback in person, and prioritize long-term care and results. If you share these values and are looking for a trusted veterinary partner, we invite you to book an appointment with us today.

See Your Pet Thrive and Share the Happiness.

Boarding and additional services

Life happens, and sometimes you’ll need a temporary home for your pet. Our professional boarding service ensures your furry friend’s safety, security, and happiness while you’re apart. Beyond boarding, our dedicated team offers nutritional counseling crafted for your pet. We’re also here to guide you through the exciting journey of raising a new puppy or kitten, providing you expert advice.


What Our Pet Parents Say.

"Boarded my two dogs here for 6 days and they took such good care for them that they have never been so happy when we picked them up from other boarding places. Will be using them every time for now on."
Jennifer M Dobies
"went there today for my little dog was treated very good they really seem to care about my dog and his needs they took my dog in as soon as i told them of his problems very impressed and i highly recommend this place "
Shawn Mize

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Have a furry friend with a curious case or just want to chat about your pet’s well-being? Our dedicated team of compassionate veterinarians is here for you! Feel free to reach out using the form below for any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment. We’re all ears (and paws), ready to provide the best care and advice for your beloved pets.