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The Secret to a Long and Happy Life for Your Dog: Tips From Veterinarians

You want your canine friend to live a long, healthy, fulfilling life as a pet parent. But what can you do to ensure your animal friend remains content and healthy?

The Top 5 Dog Health Issues and How Vets Treat Them

Dogs are wonderful pets that enrich the lives of millions of American families. Yet, they are prone to various health problems like their human counterparts.

Blood Transfusions for Anemic Animals

All breeds, sizes, and ages of animals are susceptible to anemia. It happens when the red blood cells that transport oxygen decline. Several things can result in anemia, including the following:

At What Age Is a Pet Considered a Senior?

Most people barely have a clue when their pets have turned seniors. The American Veterinary Medical Association indicates that different pets and breeds reach this stage at different times. Knowing when your pet is considered a senior can help you modify the level of pet care that you provide. If you are wondering when your pet will become a senior, here are the details that you must consider.

How to Create a Pet-friendly Space When Bringing Home a New Pet

Having a pet is a fantastic experience but comes with many responsibilities. Maintaining their furballs healthy and happy is a top priority for many, from expensive doggie daycares to luxurious pawdicures. Additionally, owning a pet entails taking it on walks, providing it with delicious and healthy food, and giving it love. 

How to Prepare Your Pet for Surgery

Realizing that your pet requires surgery can involve a flood of emotions. The stress you feel aside, preparing the animal is advisable. It helps ensure that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. You can do a few things to ease your pet into the procedure.

5 Signs That Your Pet Is in Pain

Pets make life exciting and fun with their playfulness and loyalty. Because of this, you always want your pet to be in the best shape and health. However, pets may sometimes experience pain and disease that can affect their personality, mood, and behavior. Because they cannot talk and tell you what is ailing them, you must know by observation. 

How Do I Puppy-proof My House?

Owning a puppy can be an exciting and chaotic undertaking. Caring for your pet should be your top priority, especially at a young and fragile age. Your house is the only place your puppy will spend most of its time. Hence, taking the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment is essential.

Tips for Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens are some of the most adorable creatures in the world. When these little ones join your family, you may want to cuddle them all the time. However, there is a lot you may need to know before welcoming these furry friends home. Here is a checklist.

What Are the Main Vaccinations for Dogs to Get?

When you adopt that cute fur ball, you know immediately that your dog will depend on you for everything. So, it is your responsibility to provide your furry friend with the best care possible, which can be intimidating. Your dog needs plenty of attention, the best dog food, safe toys, a comfortable home, socialization, and proper veterinary care. 

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