Pet Microchipping isn’t currently mandatory in the United States, but it is a practice that is highly recommended by veterinarians across the country. The process, which involves a tiny microchip being placed inside your pet’s body, is arguably the most efficient and reliable method of giving your pet that all-important identification information in the event that they become lost or stolen.

Still not sure if is it a good idea? Here are 5 of the most important reasons to microchip your pet.

1.    The Identification Is Permanent

Easily one of the biggest benefits of microchipping your pet is the fact that it is the only method of permanently attaching identification to them. This is because the microchip is implanted under the skin so there is no risk of a tag falling off or being removed by someone with less than good intentions. The microchip itself is tiny – about the size of a grain of rice – and is virtually impossible to remove. It also has no working parts, so it can’t ‘break down’ and require replacing.

2.    It Is Easy To Update Your Personal Information And Keep It Safe

If you choose to microchip your pet, it is essential to ensure that the information stored by the microchip provider is accurate and up to date. Fortunately, updating it is very easy. This is because your personal information is stored on a secure database, rather than on the chip itself. Instead, a unique identifying number links your pet to your database entry. This means that if they are recovered, the finder can contact the microchip provider to either obtain your information or tell them to contact you (depending on the operating procedure of each provider). Updating the records requires just a simple call to your microchip provider.

3.    Your Pet Is More Likely To Be Returned To You

Another key benefit of pet microchipping is that it hugely increases the likelihood of your adored animal being safely returned to you. In fact, studies show that the median rates of return to owners for 2.4 times higher for dogs with a microchip than without, and a massive 21.4 times higher for cats with a microchip than those without. If that isn’t reason enough to get your pet microchipped ASAP, we don’t know what is!

4.    Your Microchip Can Act As Proof Of Ownership

Pet ownership disputes are more common than you might think. Many animals look alike, and, in most circumstances, ownership disputes are a simple case of mistaken identity. Unfortunately, there are also some instances where those who find animals try to claim them as their own. Since our pets can’t talk to say which family is theirs, it is often a case of using photographs to confirm where they belong. However, a microchip makes it far easier to prove that your pet belongs to you since the chip will be registered with your personal information.

5.    Microchipping Is Painless And Inexpensive

Microchipping is a very simple and straightforward procedure. The microchip itself is inserted via injection and is not dissimilar to a shot. It takes just seconds to place it, and your pet won’t experience more than a momentary scratch. There is no wound and no downtime. Microchipping is also inexpensive, making it a great investment in the long-term security of your pet.

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