Sales Purrfessional

Hi, my name is Beans and I am one of the friendly clinic greeters. Me and my sister (from another mister) Rice are usually the first ones to greet our clients and their pets. I love food and will steal it out of your hand if given the chance…so be careful with your snacks when I am around! I’m also a little cross-eyed so I’m sorry if I appear to be staring at you, I’m probably trying to look in the other direction. I came into the clinic as a sick little kitten so they fixed me up and of course I wiggled my way into the hearts of everyone here so they decided to keep me forever…what suckers! I love playing catch with the girls up front, they throw paper up in the air and I catch it with my paws and throw it back to them…so much fun! I also love meeting new people and I can’t wait to introduce myself to you and your furry friends!