From what they eat to where they sleep, cats are well-known for being notoriously fussy. Where they do their bathroom business is no exception! Get it right, and you and your pet can live harmoniously together. Get it wrong, and you may find that your furry friend refuses to use the litterbox and instead opts to relieve herself wherever she feels is more appropriate!

Here is our guide to helping you discover the best (and worst!) places to keep your kitty’s litterbox in your home.

Where To Put Your Kitty’s Litterbox

The biggest mistake that most new cat owners make is to place litterboxes in places where they are most convenient for them, rather than their kitty. This is often because we prefer to keep them away from certain areas – such as where we eat or entertain guests. However, the truth is that unless the litterboxes are placed in areas where your cat is happy to use them, you may as well not bother with litterboxes at all!

The human idea of privacy is very different to a feline’s. While we may prefer to use the toilet in small, closed-off spaces, areas like this seem threatening to your cat. Safety is the most important thing to your furbaby when she is doing her business, and she won’t “go” anywhere where she feels trapped or vulnerable.

Don’t put her litterbox in a dark corner.

Do choose somewhere light and airy, where she has can see any animals or humans that may approach her.

Don’t put her litterbox anywhere near her food. You wouldn’t want to eat where you toilet and neither does she!

Do place the litter tray against the wall so that she can feel that her back isn’t unprotected when she goes

Don’t place the litterbox in high traffic areas. She doesn’t need the world to see when she is doing her business!

Do make sure that the litterboxes are convenient for her to get too and aren’t too far away

Don’t place litterboxes side by side if you have more than one cat. To them, this is the equivalent of having one litterbox

Do provide enough litterboxes. One per cat, and then a spare! Ensure that there is at least one on each level of your home!

General Litterbox Guidelines

Your kitty will not like to use a litterbox where she doesn’t feel safe. The size, depth and shape of your cat’s litter tray needs to allow them easy access and give them enough space so that they can turn around.

Cats are very clean creatures, as evidenced by the fact that they spend hours grooming themselves to perfection. For this reason, they do prefer to use a litterbox wherever possible, but they do not like to use a litterbox that is very dirty. Given the choice of a dirty litterbox or the floor, most felines will choose the floor, which defeats the purpose of toilet training. To maximize the appeal of your kitty’s litterbox, spot-clean it daily and change the litter completely at least once a week.

Once your kitty has done her business, she will want to cover it over so make sure that whatever litter you use, it is deep enough for her to dig into. 

Choosing the right location for your pet’s litterbox can make or break toilet time in your home! Follow these guidelines and hopefully get it right first time. If your pet is still having trouble using the litterbox, Contact us and schedule an appointment for further advice.

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