Dogs are highly intelligent, intuitive and fun-loving animals, and this means that there is a wide-range of activities that they can participate in and enjoy. Whilst the activities listed on this page are suitable for the majority of dogs, not every activity is suitable for every breed and so you should seek the advice of your veterinarian if you are unsure if your chosen pursuit is right for your pet.

Agility Trials

You may have seen agility trials in dog shows, where the owner leads his dog through a variety of obstacles such as hurdles, tunnels, balance beams, weave poles and more. However, you don’t have to take part competitively, and many obedience schools and dog training programs offer agility trials to take part in just for fun. Dogs enjoy learning how to complete these activities and it helps them to learn to concentrate and follow instructions.

Road Trips

The majority of dogs really enjoy travelling in the car and so taking your dog on a road trip can be a real treat. Head out to an area of outstanding natural beauty, a park or a beach where you can go for an awesome long walk to stretch your legs when you arrive. And remember to make sure your pet is travelling safely by ensuring he is properly secured, and you remember to stop for a drink and toilet break!


An alternative to fetching ball, dogs love to chase and catch a Frisbee, and if you are really lucky, he might even let you have it back! This activity requires a lot of vigorous exercise and jumping, so may not be suitable for older dogs or breeds with more limited mobility.

Hiking And Backpacking

Hiking and backpacking offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the peace and beauty of the natural world while bonding with your canine companion. Before you go you should check that the area in which you intend to hike allows dogs (not all do), and make sure you take adequate supplies for both you and your pet.

Hide And Seek

Your dog’s sense of smell is remarkable, and a great game that you can enjoy together is hide and seek. Tuck a treat inside a sock or glove and hide it somewhere in your backyard.


Rollerblades might give you half a chance of keeping up with your canine pal! Whether it is through a local park or by the beach, plenty of fresh air and exercise is sure to make both you and your dog feel energized and happy.


Dogs are able to learn new tricks remarkably quickly, and when they have mastered them they can provide you both with hours of fun and entertainment. From learning to roll over and beg to fetching your shoes for you, there is virtually no limit to your pet’s capabilities.


Even if your dog isn’t keen on being bathed, almost all canine companions enjoy swimming. If you have the sea, a lake or river nearby, or even if it’s just the pool in your backyard, swimming is nice, gentle exercise so suitable for every age of dog. You can even buy special flotation vests for your pet.


If you are a fan of running and don’t already take your dog with you then you are missing out. He is the perfect companion who will enjoy stretching his legs and burning off some excess energy too.

Make A Doggy Play Date

If your dog is well socialized and you have a friend with another dog, then why not get them together for a doggy play date? They will enjoy playing together and it gives you the chance for some human company too!

Eat Out Together

Find a dog-friendly restaurant or one that has an outside patio where you could sit together and enjoy a delicious meal. If you can’t find a local restaurant, then just whip up some of your favorite treats and set yourselves up a table in the backyard. Just remember to make sure that your food choices are suitable for your four-legged friend!

Play In The Sprinklers

On a hot summer’s day then what could be better than a run around in the sprinklers? If you have children, then they will love this too and your dog will be thrilled to lark about with them and play in the water!

We are sure that there are many more fun activities that you enjoy with your dog, and this list represents the tip of the iceberg! If you have any more that you would like to add to our list then drop us a line!

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