Owning a puppy can be an exciting and chaotic undertaking. Caring for your pet should be your top priority, especially at a young and fragile age. Your house is the only place your puppy will spend most of its time. Hence, taking the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment is essential.

Wrap Your Trash

Trash can have exciting and interesting smells to attract your puppy. Thus, it is essential to secure and cover your trash. Your puppy can swallow something poisonous or suffocate when its head gets caught in the snack or trash bag.

Contain And Cover Cords

Your puppy can chew an electrical cord, damage your electronics, and hurt themselves. Therefore, cover or hide the electrical codes to ensure the safety of your puppy.

Store Medications Away In A Safe Place

Keep your supplements and medications out of reach, as they are the most common reason pets get poisoned. Store them in secure drawers and cabinets. It is also vital to store your pet’s medication away from yours. Avoid spills by dispensing liquids and pills over a bowl or sink.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Away

Most people store their cleaning supplies under their bathroom or kitchen sink. However, these areas are easily accessible to your curious puppy. Relocate the products out of their reach.

Be Mindful Of Poisonous Houseplants

Houseplants may seem innocent. However, some can lead to severe problems that can endanger your puppy. It can start as a mild irritation that turns into a stomach problem, which leads to organ failure and sometimes death. Consult your veterinarian to know what plants to avoid.

Puppies Need Space

Create a safe space for your puppy to retreat and remain contained if you are not at home to take care of them. Getting them used to their crate has many benefits. Doing so will help them get used to their space when you take them to the vet or the groomer for a few hours.

Keep Your Puppy Off Heights

Puppies have fragile bones. They also tend to be clumsy. Hence, sitting them on the couch or allowing them to stand in a high place increases their risk of getting injured if they try to jump or fall. Hold or keep them off your furniture until they grow, become more coordinated, and are less fragile.

Keep Batteries Away

Keep devices with batteries like remote controls, key fobs, or electronic toys out of reach. Your puppy can chew and swallow the battery. Doing so can endanger their lives and burn inside their esophagus as it goes down. Avoid disc batteries, as they are especially hazardous.

Ensure Your Backyard Is Safe

Having a dog-proof fence is the ideal way to keep your backyard puppy-proofed. Purchase a fence that your puppy cannot dig beneath or jump over. Doing so will ensure they remain safe within your home vicinity and do not run off and get lost.

Have Carpets And Rugs That Are Dog-Proof

It is possible to dog-proof your rugs by buying those that have the same color as the puppy fur with small patterns. You can also have outdoor mats in your house as they are easier to clean and more durable.

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