Purrmotion Specialist

Hi, I’m Rice but they like to call me Rice-a-Roni! You will likely find me laying in my basket asking for belly rubs when you first walk in. I love my life as one of the clinic mascots; I get constant attention, treats and cuddles. I’m very well known for stealing dog treats out of the cookie jar, but hey I can’t help it…I have to maintain my womanly figure! I also have a lot of extra toes so I can get a really good grip on the cookies. Although I love my life here, I do try to go home with some clients, especially those with nice purses…so be careful leaving your purse open when I’m around because I might get in it. I’m a very good worker, I really enjoy helping the girls up front type the records but they always seem to delete what I write…the nerve of some people, don’t they know I’m only trying to help! Anyway, I have the purr-fect life here with so many servants to feed and pet me whenever I want. MEOWWW.