You know that you need to brush and floss your teeth every day to maintain proper oral hygiene, but you might not know that dental care is also important for your pet. Brushing, providing dental chews, and getting regular professional cleanings will help your pet maintain good oral health. Oral health provides much more than a bright smile. Let’s go over some reasons why pet dental care is so important.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Your pet needs their teeth to chew their food properly. Losing a single tooth can make it difficult to eat, which is one reason pet dental care is so important. If your pet doesn’t receive the proper dental care, they could get periodontal disease. This disease causes the periodontal ligament and jawbone to become infected and inflamed, leading to tooth loss. If left untreated, your pet could lose all their teeth. 

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Decayed teeth, infections, and inflammation can be quite painful. Unfortunately, your pet can’t tell you when they are in pain, and often, the symptoms are severe before you realize something is wrong. That means your furry friend could spend months in pain before you notice. With proper pet dental care, your vet will identify issues before they become painful. You want your pet to be healthy, happy, and pain-free, so dental care is a must. 

Maintain Proper Nutrition

When pets have healthy teeth and gums, they’re more likely to maintain a proper diet. If your pet’s teeth hurt, they might have trouble eating or drinking. Over time, your pet can lose weight and develop health problems due to the lack of nutrition. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by taking care of your pet’s teeth. 

Safeguard Your Pet’s Overall Health

Dental problems can quickly turn into significant health problems. Bacteria in the mouth can get into the bloodstream and spread to vital organs, damaging them. Organ damage is a serious health condition that can lead to death, but it can be avoided with dental care. 

Maintain Fresh Breath

There’s a myth that bad breath is normal for pets. However, bad breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene. Cleaning your pet’s teeth will eliminate the bad breath, making those evening snuggle sessions much more enjoyable.

Prevent Diseases From Getting Worse

You might not have realized that dental care is important for your pets. Even if you’ve neglected your pet’s teeth for years, it’s not too late to start now. Your veterinarian can examine your pet and create a treatment plan to address dental and health issues. The right plan will prevent the progression of diseases or oral issues while also alleviating any pain your pet is in.

Ensure your pet is happy and healthy by providing the right dental care. As a pet parent, you can clean their teeth at home, but you also need to visit the vet for a professional examination and cleaning. Country Vet Clinic treats all types of animals. Call us at 530-491-4500 to schedule an appointment. 

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