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Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser therapy isn’t quite as new as many people think. First used in the 1970s, it has continued to evolve and improve and today, it has now been certified for use in both medical and veterinary use.

Can Pet Food Contribute to Behavioral Problems | Pet Care FAQs

With so many pet food brands and options available on the market, not all are treated equally. Certain products are formulated with whole foods and natural ingredients, while others missing critical components, or worse, contain chemical additives that cause health problems. Have you ever wondered ‘if I buy the wrong products, can pet food contribute to behavioral problems?

As a pet parent, you’ve likely wondered what people foods you can share with your dog. After all, we’ve all heard about the dangers of certain foods like chocolate and want to make sure we don’t cause undue harm.

Warning Signs of Heartworms – Parasite Awareness 101

Heartworm is a potentially serious parasitic infection that affects many dogs and cats. Before your pet has a chance to develop late-stage problems, detecting the early warning signs of heartworms can help.

Winter is well and truly upon us, and if you are unlucky enough to live somewhere where the temperatures are plummeting, you are probably cranking up the heating and layering up when you go outside so that you don’t feel the cold too badly.

6 Tips To Help Treat Pet Diabetes Faster

Diabetes isn’t a purely human condition and while it is more common in older pets, it can strike any domestic animal at virtually any time.

Adopting an animal who is currently living in a shelter or foster home is a wonderful decision. The United States is currently in the grip of an overpopulation crisis with millions of adorable animals living in temporary accommodation rather than the loving home that they deserve.

When Does My Cat Need A Tooth Extraction?

Our animals are just as likely to suffer from dental problems as we are, and in some cases, they may be so severe that a tooth extraction is the best course of action. Tooth extraction is not something that is performed lightly in any scenario.

How To Treat Hot Spots In Dogs

Unless you are an experienced dog owner, you may not realize quite how common skin conditions are in our canine companions. One that is fairly common but quite unknown is known as hot spots.

Benefits of adopting a senior cat

If you make the decision to adopt a cat rather than purchase a kitten straight from a breeder, first of all – congratulations! Not only on your new pet but on your morally responsible and valuable decision to adopt one of millions of cats who desperately need and deserve a loving home.

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