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How To Treat Hot Spots In Dogs

Unless you are an experienced dog owner, you may not realize quite how common skin conditions are in our canine companions. One that is fairly common but quite unknown is known as hot spots.

Benefits of adopting a senior cat

If you make the decision to adopt a cat rather than purchase a kitten straight from a breeder, first of all – congratulations! Not only on your new pet but on your morally responsible and valuable decision to adopt one of millions of cats who desperately need and deserve a loving home.

Best Food for Indoor Cats

Choosing to become a parent to a new cat is a big decision and comes with even bigger responsibilities. You are entirely responsible for your kitty’s health and development, and as such, you will have some important choices to make regarding her care. One of the most critical things to consider will be what you are going to feed your new furbaby.

Why is it Necessary to Spay and Neuter Our Dogs and Cats?

Choosing to adopt a pet is a serious commitment and as her owner, you will be entirely responsible for the health and happiness of your furbaby. You will have many considerations to make in her early life including what you will feed her and what preventative medications and vaccinations you wish for her to have.

Be Aware of At-Home Pet Poison Risks

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month and the perfect time to remind yourself and others about what potentially harmful poisons may be present in your home. Poisoning is one of the leading causes of veterinary visits in the U.S. each year, and The Humane Society of the U.S. estimates that 10,000 cats and dogs alone die each year from exposure to just one of the many harmful toxins found in an ordinary American home.

Tools for At-home Pet Dental Kit

Your pet’s dental care is extremely important, and as her main caregiver, you are responsible for doing everything you can to help her retain healthy, functioning teeth for as long as possible.

Best and Worst Places to keep a Litterbox

From what they eat to where they sleep, cats are well-known for being notoriously fussy. Where they do their bathroom business is no exception! Get it right, and you and your pet can live harmoniously together.

Tips to Stop your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

Going for a walk with your canine best friend can be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise together. The leash is an important tool during walkies. Even a furbaby with excellent recall and heeling skills can have moments of unpredictable behavior, and a leash helps to keep him safe from some of the most common hazards you may encounter when out and about.

How to Control Flea Infestations

Fleas are an unfortunate part of pet ownership, and these tiny pests can quickly become an unpleasant nuisance for your animals and for your home. In fact, fleas reproduce so abundantly that a single flea is capable of causing an epidemic.

Benefits of Reading to Dogs

Many people feel that there is nothing better than curling up on a comfortable chair with a good book and immersing yourself into another world for a short while. Reading is a form of escapism, often giving the reader a chance to take an emotional break from the trials and tribulations of their real lives and instead experience that of another.

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